April 2017

Lynn Colepaugh is LIVE at the 2017 ECMA’s with #liveislive.

This three-part course will explore opportunities with live content and how it can open doors to new revenue streams for artists. This course begins with a 30-day pre-ECMA emailer pre-course to help participants make the most of their ECMA experience. On the ground the sessions will include exploration into the world of live content platforms such as Facebook Live, Instagram Stories and other video content opportunities to engage with fans. How have other artists used these platforms to create dynamic content and elevate their careers? Finally, learn how to combine online, video and audio to develop online courses to provide new and exciting revenue streams. Pre-registration required.
Registration now open here: https://marcatoapp.com/forms/ecma/digital_marketing


Lynn Colepaugh


Hilton Saint John – Belleisle I

1 Market Square

Saint John

(506) 693-8484

Friday, April 28 | 10:00AM – 11:00AM

Saturday, April 29 | 10:00AM – 11:00AM

May 2016

Very excited to announce that I will be heading to Canadian Music Week as a guest presenter at the 2016 CMW Startup Launchpad! It’s a pitch competition for new businesses that are based on connected in the music industry.  We have big ideas for Mission Control, and we will be discussing them all with some of the best in the biz.


April 2016

We are excited to announce that registration is now full for the 2016 ECMA Digital Media and Marketing program. Thank you to everyone who will be participating!

This ECMA digital marketing course introduces participants to the foundations of social media and marketing, how to develop a social media strategy, tactics, and how to pull it all together. Activities include an introduction to getting the most out of your ECMA experience with the Mission Control DIY 30 day pre-ECMA emailer course, pre-course activities (i.e. setting up digital activities for your ECMA participation) and on site meetings and activities.


Session Time: March 3, Mission Control DIY 30 day pre-ECMA emailer course

Onsite: Friday, April 15, Saturday, April 16, Sunday, April 17 from 10:30AM -11:30AM daily


Mission Control Management

Managing your career in the music industry is tough.
At Mission Control Management, we make things easier.
We help those struggling to navigate this crazy / beautiful industry
by offering artists services they need.



After an amazing preparation course with our East Coast Music Week showcasing friends,we are launching out Canadian Music Week Preparation Course! Whether it’s your first time there or you are a showcase expert, you will find valuable insight, suggestions, resources and help in our 30 day course.  And for those looking to Go Pro, you can upgrade and get the CMW 2015 Contact List.

Mission Control Management

2015 Preparation Course for the CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK

CMW 2015 Contact List

Canadian Music Week Preparation Course for Showcasing Artists and Contact List Database

This course covers what you need to do to get yourself prepared for your showcase, networking, meetings, social media and promotion of your performance.  

Even if you are not showcasing this year, this course will help you organize networking, meetings and promoting your music.

Our 2015 Preparation Course for the CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK will guide you through what you need to know, and how get the best out of this year’s CMW event.

(Want to know why we know the CMW?  Read about our founder here.)

This 15 day program will get you ready to take on the CMW 2015 after getting your tools in order, connecting with the right people before/during/after the event and being ready to take on new opportunities.

In our 15-day prep course for CMW, you can expect the following:

– a daily email for 15 days that includes

  • a daily course topic on how to maximize your CMW participation 
  • specific action items
  • how to incorporate these action items in your strategy
  • resource links
  • suggestions
  • updated information
  • GO PRO VERSION – 2015 CMW Contact list

– invitation to a Facebook group for a one-on-one Q&A with Mission Control and other course registrants